Rendering Problems and FAQ

Rendering times can be reduced by:

1. Reducing the complexity of geometry (i.e. lots of geometric detail to less detail)

2. Reducing the amount of geometry. If you have a large space, or a design with rooms which are not visible in a particular perspective/view then VectorWorks will render these spaces regardles if they are visible are not. Example: You are rendering the reception area within a hotel, which also has a seperate bar and restaurant. Vectorworks WILL calculate and render all visible classes even if the bar and restaurant are not visible in your visual/view. By allocating classes to each part of your design you can quite easily turn off the classes which are not visible and which will not affect your visual - therefore reducing VectorWorks rendering time.

3. Number of pixels (sheet layer DPI is one example)

4. Number of shadows and/or complexity of shadows (area and line lights fall here because they are like adding many more lights with shadows to the scene)

5. Amount of reflections and refractions (through reflective textures like glass or mirror, amount of reflections can be controlled through the CustomRW Options)

6. Indirect lighting calculations through radiosity and final gather. The controls for these features are intended to balance speed versus quality.

7. VectorWorks 2008 rendering speed is twice as fast as VectorWorks 12.5, upgrading could be an option.

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