Printing In Photoshop


This option allows you to adjust the orientation and layout of your printed page. It also allows you to select which printer you want to print to.

Under the FORMAT FOR option always ensure you select the correct printer. For example, if you are working on the left hand side computer you will be selecting the printer named Johnny 6 - Left. Alternatively, if you are on the right hand side computer you will select the printer named Johnny 5 (right).

Next you must match the paper size settings with the size of paper you are using. This comes under the Paper Size option.
This can be adjusted by hitting the down arrow and selecting the correct paper size.

ORIENTATION allows you to select between a horizontal and vertical page layout.

Once this has been done you click OK and go ahead with printing.

This is done by selecting PHOTOSHOP/FILE/PRINT

Within this option you will again have to ensure you have the correct printer selected.

The Preview option on this window will allow you to see what your print out will look like.

Once you are happy with everything hit the print button and wait!

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