Open GL

Use the OpenGL render mode to create good-quality rendering previews that are fast and interactive.

The OpenGL mode performs lighting calculations based on polygons; this means that drawings with more polygons render more realistically.

VectorWorks has a default lighting scheme, so that a basic rendering does not require an added light source. However, the addition of a light source is usually necessary for a more realistic rendering. The addition of a light source automatically hides the default lighting scheme, so that the scene is not too bright.

Note that OpenGL renders up to only eight lights in a drawing; additional lights have no effect.

Open Gl rendering does not incorporate the same amount of quality and realism as the many other Rendering techniques in VectorWorks do, and is best used for quickly previewing a render before using longer Rendering techniques such as Final Quality Radiosity.

View>Rendering>Open GL


View>Rendering>Open GL Options

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