Keyboard Shortcuts

To make life easier on a mac, there are various shortcuts you can use.

As there is normally no right click option on the mouse, knowing these shortcuts can save a lot of time. By using them again and again,they will become second nature to you.

If, for example you wanted to print something, instead of going to the file option in the main toolbar and scrolling down to print, you can simply press ⌘P

The ⌘ button can be found immediately to the left or right of the space bar on the keyboard.
The shift button is often shown as

In the main toolbar at the top of every page where you would normally go to print (without the use of shortcuts) it tells you the shorcut on the right hand side of the menu.


If ever in doubt, these are here for all available shortcuts. However, the main ones for everyday use are listed below.

Print ⌘P
Copy ⌘C
Cut ⌘Z
Paste ⌘V
Undo ⌘Z
Open ⌘O
Save ⌘S

These stay the same for every programme, from vectorworks to word to the internet. However, others change, depending on what options you have on the programme you are on.

On Vectorworks for example, you will use many shortcuts such as

Extrude ⌘E

Plan - 5
Left - 4
Right - 6
Back - 8
Front - 2
Right front isometric - 1
Right back isometric - 7
Left front isometric - 3
Left back isometric - 9

Line - 2
Box - 4
Circle - 6
Polygone - 8

New - Apple N
Close - Apple C
Page setup - Alt Apple P

Format Text - Shift Apple T
Redo - Apple Y
Select All - Apple A
Zoom- C
Arrow Toal - X
Wireframe - Apple Shift W

Add Solids - Alt Apple A
Substract Solids - Alt Apple S
Intersect Solids - Alt Apple I
Section Soilds - Alt Apple T
Multiple Extrude - Alt Apple E
Extrude Along Path - Alt Apple X
Tapered Extrude - Alt Apple U
Sweep - Alt Apple W

Set 3D View - Apple O
Next View - Shift Apple.
Previous View - Shift Apple,

Open LG Render Works - Apple Shift G
Finale Ouality Render Works - Apple Shift F

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