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We use Macs, thats just the way it is.

Most computers in the Studio are iMacs and to turn them on there is a button on the back of the computer at the bottom left hand side, press it once to turn on. When you have finished always turn the computer of by going to the apple menu and selecting 'Shut Down…' By turning computers of you save the world, and allow the machines to reset themselves, macs like being turned on and off.

Please leave keyboards and mice attached to the computers.

If you need to plug stuff into the computer you will find USB, Firewire and head phone sockets on the back of the computer, bottom right. It is best to use these ports as sometimes memory sticks will not work when plugged into the keyboard.

The printer computers have USB ports on the back of the screens.
The 3 'towers' have headphone and USB on the front of the tower and USB and Firewire on the back of the screen.


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