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I think it is a good idea to move documents on to the hard drive of the computer you are using before opening a document, even just for a quick look. External media are notoriously unreliable and can corrupt precious documents.


comment by acjmurrayacjmurray, 03 Oct 2008 13:55

nothing wrong just an idea, take a look at the new rendering page, let me know what you think. I may be worth adding personal experiences of the different render types, possibly making it more interesting/useful.

Nice work on spotting the discussion! and nice work on the amount of content being produced.

adjustment by diggernutterdiggernutter, 28 Apr 2008 11:33
CraigHCraigH 26 Apr 2008 13:10
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Thats effectively what I was trying to do… obviously not doing something right! Can you change it for me please?

Rendering by CraigHCraigH, 26 Apr 2008 13:10

as this page appears to be the same as the keyboard short cuts in 'mac OS' should this page have a link to that page then a list of the useful keyboard shortcuts in vectorworks?

suggestion by diggernutterdiggernutter, 23 Apr 2008 21:34

should the list of render types, and then there explanations be all placed on one page that will be seen after clicking on the rendering link?

just thinking by diggernutterdiggernutter, 23 Apr 2008 21:30
diggernutterdiggernutter 09 Apr 2008 13:14
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Wed 16th April 11am meet Digger in Studio.

Champions by diggernutterdiggernutter, 09 Apr 2008 13:14

Wed 16th April 10 am
Meet digger in Studio.

Chair Persons by diggernutterdiggernutter, 09 Apr 2008 13:13

Vectorworks (Group 1)
Photoshop (Group 2)
Macs (Group 3)
Printing (Group 4)

Sections by diggernutterdiggernutter, 09 Apr 2008 11:09

Hello, you've guessed it, I 'am Digger. Remember you can edit your profile and give yourself a picture!

Introductions by diggernutterdiggernutter, 11 Mar 2008 14:31

will this work?

test chat by diggernutterdiggernutter, 19 Feb 2008 17:55
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