Artistic Renderworks

Artistic Renderworks allows the user to create the impression of a 'sketch' drawing or visual, as opposed to the photo realistic interpretations such as Final Quality Radiosity.

When selecting the Artistic RenderWorks mode, a variety of styles and options are available to create a hand-drawn or artistic look for a 3D drawing. These settings apply only to the current drawing and remain in effect in the current drawing until the settings are changed. In addition, the settings are saved when creating templates.

Artistic RenderWorks does not produce sketch rendering of 2D objects.

To set Artistic RenderWorks options:

1. View > Rendering > Artistic RenderWorks Options

2. The Artistic RenderWorks Options dialog box opens. A preview scene is shown in order to evaluate the effects of the different options

3. Select the Style from the list, and then click Options to set specific style parameters. The preview image displays the resulting effect

Certain Artistic RenderWorks styles use hidden line rendering. These styles may require longer rendering times for drawings with many facets (polygons). A style that does not use hidden line rendering is recommended for extremely complex drawings.
Many of the Artistic RenderWorks styles allow the layer’s RenderWorks background to show through, if one has been defined and applied.

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